From left to right: Plano Isabel (Councilor for Culture of the City Malpartida de Cáceres), Alberto Flores (Technical Art Museum Vostell Malpartida), Toni Alvarez (director of the Center for the Performing Arts and Music of Extremadura – CEMART) and Francisco Lorenzo (director of the National Broadcasting Music Center).


National Dissemination Center Musical coproduced, for the third time, Cycle of Contemporary Music Vostell Malpartida Museum that, of the 12 al 27 of September, will present five concerts Y three educational activities focused sound art and experimental music.

All festival activities are free to access until full capacity.

Cáceres. 12 of September 2019 – This morning, Toni Alvarez (director of the Center for the Performing Arts and Music of Extremadura – CEMART) with Francisco Lorenzo, director of the National Broadcasting Music Center, CNDM (INAEM unit, Ministry of Culture and Sports), Plano Isabel (Councilor for Culture of the City of Malpartida) and Alberto Flores (Technical Art Museum Vostell Malpartida) They presented the twenty-first edition of the Contemporary Music Cycle Museum Vostell Malpartida, activity focused on international sound art and experimental music diversity. This edition will offer, of the 12 al 27 of September, five concerts and three educational activities. This is the third time the CNDM coproduced it as part of its commitment to promote and encourage musical creation through its extensive programming 44 cities (32 Spanish and 12 foreign), and promoting composition new scores (56 new works this season, 32 of which they are custom CNDM).

exploratory music

The edition of this cycle twenty-first inquirer character will extend over three weekends. On the first day, Thursday 12, Portuguese percussionist inventive, Gabriel Pergolesi, will present a concert of improvised music trio format: Gabriel Ferrandini's pleasures with the historic improvisers neighboring country, Hernâni Faustino bassist and saxophonist Pedro Sousa. Creative intensity of exploratory music Lusa allow us to discover the major earthquakes that occur in a scene of great excitement. The next day, Friday 13, Alessandra ROMBOLA flautist and saxophonist Xelo Giner will meet with the public prior to a concert vertebrate works by composers of today's contemporary scene, among which are the world premiere Dé-coll / age Extremadura signed by Inés Badalo.

In its central week, the cycle will offer on Friday 20 September a concert under the title “In the Shadow of Fluxus”, where the interpreter, composer and one of the leading exponents of sound art scene, John Godfrey, combine them into fluent speech pieces signed by fluxistas and more recent works of his own authorship and Irish artists. Through a visual material, sonorous and performative works will melt, and they superimpose, sometimes, They shall be interpreted simultaneously. And in the day on Saturday 21, the great pianist and composer Agustí Fernández, considered the most remarkable improviser of his generation Spanish, will offer a meeting with the public as a prelude to an intimate concert piano solo.

as close, on Friday 27, Valencia set Percussion Academy will present a wilder where most exquisite musical textures experience and thunderous sonorities and the Vostell Museum will be present at a show in which the pieces happen without interruption. A day filled with emotion that will question the limits of art, prior to a meeting with the public in which the particularities of this concert will be exhibited under the title “Drama Around”. Notably interpreting Study II on Metric modulations José Manuel López López, resident composer of the season 19/20 CNDM.

The XXI edition of Contemporary Music Cycle will be coproduced, in addition to the National Center for Musical Diffusion of INAEM and the Museum Vostell Malpartida Consortium, by the Junta de Extremadura, Cáceres Provincial Council and the City of Malpartida de Caceres, and has also, collaboration with the Center for the Performing Arts and Music of Extremadura (CEMART), the Cabinet of Transboundary Initiatives, the Camões Institute and the Association of Friends of the Museum Vostell Malpartida. All concerts are free to access until full capacity.

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