Entrevista Ottavio Dantone1

            His project is called "Revolution". What is the real revolution of Baroque music? Revolution Baroque music in the last fifty years has experienced various stages, as the stage of rediscovery of ancient instruments, the language and its communication to the general public. Our project wants to extend the temporary space of early music this term extending until the nineteenth century, with the …

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European Day of Early Music

The European Day of Early Music, conocido como European Day of Early Music (EDEMA), celebrates its sixth edition next 21 of March, besides being the first day of spring coincides with the anniversary of the birth of Johann Sebastian Bach, the most prominent composer known as Early Music. The European Day of Early Music is an initiative promoted by REMA (European Early Music Network), European network dedicated …

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Ars Atlantic

This is not the first season in the Teatro de la Zarzuela Notes program cycle Ambigú. Already last year he hung the sign "no tickets" in all actions of the cycle. To see and hear a few meters unquestionable quality interpreters, It is a gift that does not always have access. And, Besides, the price of the town is 10 €, the gift is literal. Last monday …

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Carlos Mena

Since the end of the Renaissance, the musical treatises of the Lutheran orbit speak of poetic Music, letter giving nature an anthropological orientation. In this program the Concento of Bozes, a new musical and educational project born at the Academy of Ancient Music USAL under the leadership of Carlos Mena, It offers an anthology of this process in Germany in the first half of XVII: a veritable bouquet of masterpieces …

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Jean Guillou

The National Broadcasting Center Musical co-produces the XXXIII International Organ Festival of the Cathedral of Leon (FIOCLE), proposed in this edition 13 concerts, from the 21 September to 10 of November, in the Leonese seo. All concerts will be freely accessible until full capacity Cathedral. He 15 September the director of the National Center for Music Dissemination, CNDM (INAEM unit, Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports), …

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Maria Espada

El Festival Música Antigua Aranjuez llega a su fin con dos nuevas propuestas: un paseo por el Real Sitio y un último concierto, esta vez en el Teatro Real Carlos III. La presente edición del certamen ha sorprendido con las nuevas propuestas. Aparte de los tradicionales conciertos, también hemos podido disfrutar de recorridos guiados por el patrimonio más espectacular y desconocido de Aranjuez, paseos musicales en barca por el río Tajo e, even, un maridaje

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Orquesta Barroca de Sevilla

Música Antigua Aranjuez reúne en un mismo fin de semana a varios intérpretes de renombre que ya han dejado su huella en ediciones anteriores del festival. Saturday, 21 of May, el Ludovice Ensemble de Lisboa, junto a la soprano María Hinojosa, We propose a music concert with Spanish influence on the soirees of the Portuguese court early eighteenth century. Before the concert is possible to participate, optionally, on a tour of the city, …

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Miguel Delibes

the CCMD Delibes + Antiguan cycle begins. It will be on Wednesday 2 and Thursday 3 from December, in the Chamber Hall of artistic space. La obra de Biber, composed 16 pieces, It is one of the most important compositions for violin Baroque, very revolutionary for its time, and it stands out for its uniqueness in structure and tuning, which it is a challenge for the violinist who performs as a soloist. Lina Tur Bonet, what …

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XVII Festival de Música Antigua de Úbeda y Baeza La Ritirata de J. Obregón, que toma su nombre de un célebre quinteto de Boccherini, se ha erigido en poco tiempo en referencia ineludible en el panorama de la música antigua gracias a su calidad musical y a la originalidad de sus propuestas. Y no por casualidad, muchos de sus programas incorporan piezas del maestro italiano y de su compatriota Brunetti. Además del conjunto de variaciones

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