CNDM Badajoz

This edition of co-production between CNDM and the Philharmonic Society of Badajoz has twelve concerts and ten premieres, October 2018 to March 2019. Badajoz. 17 October 2018. This morning, the director of the Philharmonic Society of Badajoz, Javier González Pereira with the director of the National Broadcasting Music Center, Francisco Lorenzo, They have presented the tenth edition of Current Music Cycle of Badajoz. Them on the table …

CNDM presents the X Cycle Current Music of Badajoz Read More »

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Ritmo magazine

The next November 2018 the Spanish classical music magazine RITMO, whose number one came in November 1929, enters his year 90 Uninterruptible edition (except the period of the Spanish Civil War: August 1936 – March 1940). A cultural magazine in our country keep alive 90 years we can say that is a milestone; but if the magazine is classical music thing has even more merit. …

Classical music magazine RITMO meets 90 years in November Read More »

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Fundación Scherzo

With 10 new concerts, the Scherzo Foundation reaches its cycle number 22 Great Performers. Between January and November 2017 will take place nine piano recitals that will bring together musicians of Sokolov, Perianes, Zacharias, Leif Ove Andsnes, Andras Schiff, Angela Hewitt , Ashkenazy, Daniil Trifonov, Piotr Anderzewski…And an extraordinary concert, outside fertilizer, Symphony Orchestra Simon Bolivar by the Orfeo Català, under the orders …

Ten concerts in the new edition of Great Performers of Scherzo Foundation Read More »

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Auditorio Miguel Delibes

La Consejería de Cultura y Turismo abre por quinto año consecutivo todos los espacios del Centro Cultural Miguel Delibes al público en general durante una jornada de puertas abiertas, en la que las grandes salas y todos los rincones de este edificio de 70.000 metros cuadrados se llenarán de magia, de manifestaciones de artes escénicas y de exhibiciones musicales de todos los géneros para dar a conocer a pequeños y mayores el constante flujo de

The Miguel Delibes Cultural Center opens its doors on Saturday to the public Read More »

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Vienna Boys Choir

The choir of the Vienna Boys' Choir, one of the most established European musical traditions, He will begin his Spanish tour next Wednesday 28 September within the program of extraordinary concert of the 47th season Ibermúsica. Entitled A journey with Haydn, the Vienna Boys' Choir will perform works by the Austrian composer, and pieces of Mozart, Strauss, Schumann and popular songs. The concert of the famous and prestigious group …

The Vienna Boys' Choir inaugurated in Ibermúsica his Spanish tour Read More »

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Jean Guillou

The National Broadcasting Center Musical co-produces the XXXIII International Organ Festival of the Cathedral of Leon (FIOCLE), proposed in this edition 13 concerts, from the 21 September to 10 of November, in the Leonese seo. All concerts will be freely accessible until full capacity Cathedral. He 15 September the director of the National Center for Music Dissemination, CNDM (INAEM unit, Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports), …

CNDM presents the XXXIII International Organ Festival of the Cathedral of Leon Read More »

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Ramón Lezkano

El músico y profesor de Musikene Ramón Lazkano estrenará este fin de semana en el Festival de Otoño de París un adelanto de la ópera Ravel que está creando. The guipuzcoano star in one of the case of the French festival and presented three proposals, entre las que destaca el espectáculo Ohiberritze, Custom created for the occasion, which you can also find in the Kursaal next 18 from December, como parte de la clausura de

LAZKANO released in Paris a part of his future opera 'Ravel' Read More »

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La Grande Chapelle

Following the success of previous editions, “Salamanca Barroca” faces this season 2016/17 consolidated as "a unique meeting point in the field of musical historicist interpretation in our country", García-Bernalt explained at a press conference, while he is stressing his firm "commitment to the recovery of musical heritage, consolidation repertoire, promotion of projects related to the Iberian historical music and revision of European Baroque, all in a …

CNDM presents the fourth season “Salamanca Barroca” Read More »

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Musical fortnight

The 77 edition of the San Sebastian Musical Fortnight yesterday was a grand finale, featuring the Symphony Orchestra of Euskadi (OR), Bilbao Symphony Orchestra (FOREST), the Orfeón Donostiarra and the Pamplona Choral Society, accompanied by the children's vocal groups Escolanía Easo Easo and Araoz Gazte. Almost 440 people, between musicians and singers, They took the stage of the Kursaal Auditorium -ampliado for the occasion- to offer the monumental "Te Deum" of Hector Berlioz, a …

The Musical Fortnight closes its 77 edition with great success Read More »

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London Symphony Orchestra

The 47th season restarts Ibermúsica, after the summer break, its program of concerts with two quotes from the London Symphony Orchestra, one of the best and most prestigious musical groups in the world. British training, acting day 13 Y 14 September under Gianandrea Noseda orders, will address parts Wagner, Verdi, Haydn y Shostakovich, among others. During his more than 100 years of life, the LSO has carried out …

Ibermúsica starts season with the London Symphony Orchestra Read More »

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Daniel Barenboim

As one of the most important orchestra directors and pianists today, Daniel Barenboim is famous for challenging his listeners to maintain a close relationship with music. Ahora persigue este objetivo por primera vez con varios formatos desarrollados expresamente dentro del ámbito audiovisual en el marco de su propio canal de YouTube, which will be available online in August 2016 worldwide without any cost. He …

Daniel Barenboim launches Youtube channel Read More »

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The eighteenth edition of the Guitar Festival "Ciutat d'Elx" begin tomorrow, with Slovenian Jaka Klun, in the Cloister of San Jose at 21.30 hours with free admission. Este guitarrista fue el ganador del año pasado del Concurso Internacional de Guitarra “Ciutat d’Elx” y pese a su juventud cuenta con una gran experiencia en concursos internacionales. further, He has been taught by some of the most outstanding masters of the guitar as: Paolo Pegoraro, Stefano

Jaka Klun abre las puertas Guitar Festival "City of Elche" Read More »

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Segovia Festival

Of the 17 al 31 of July, Festival Segovia (FS) again delight the audience after 40 years in which the best performers on the international scene have left their mark with unforgettable concerts. A Festival, endorsed by the 47 editions of his characteristic Chamber Music Week and 21 its prestigious Festival Young, that integrate, bet big and young values ​​of the current music scene, with …

41 Segovia Music Festival Read More »

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Guitar Festival

El certamen ilicitano se consolida cada vez más como una cita ineludible tanto para jóvenes promesas como para guitarristas consolidados. Se ha presentado la XVIII edición del Festival de Guitarra “Ciutat d’Elx”, organizado por la Asociación de Guitarristas Música Abierta, que se celebrará en Elche del 20 al 28 of July. El acto ha contado con la presencia de Patricia Maciá, concejala de Cultura del Ayuntamiento de Elche, y con Manuel Gómez Ortigosa, director …

START Guitar Festival "City of Elche" Read More »

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Benjamin Zander

El prestigioso director Benjamin Zander dirige este martes, 21 of June, to 20.00 hours, a la Joven Filarmónica de Boston en un concierto en la Sala Sinfónica del Centro Cultural Miguel Delibes. Tickets are generally priced 5 euros and only 3 euros for youth card holders. The program also works orchestra 'In Crescendo', una de las iniciativas del área socioeducativa de la OSCyL que es

Benjamin Zander at the Auditorio Miguel Delibes Read More »

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David Afkham, principal director, and the National Orchestra of Spain addressed on Sunday 12 of June, Discover the last this season, demanding Symphony No.. 5 de Dmitri Shostakovich (St. Petersburg, 1906 – Moscow, 1975), score autobiographical overtones crossed by the drama lived and passed by the composer on charges of making an anti-popular music in the former Soviet Union. In 2014, National Orchestra and Choir of Spain put …

Discover …. Shostakovich's Fifth Symphony Read More »

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“Many consider, simply, the greatest pianist alive” The Independent. Two of the key representatives of the Russian pianistic school today June this principle are presented in the Great Performers cycle of the Scherzo Foundation: Grigori Sokolov y Elisso Virsaladze. The first is considered one of the greatest living pianists and in recent times, It is according to most critics, It is at the zenith of its long …

Sokolov and Chopin in Great Cycle Interpreters Read More »

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Juanjo Mena

Juanjo Mena will offer a concert, which will take place next week, in front of the Berliner Philharmoniker. It includes works by Debussy, Ginastera and Manuel de Falla, Marie-Pierre solo Langlamet and Raquel Lojendio. Juanjo Mena (Vitoria, 1965), is the director of the BBC Philharmonic now, and one of the Spanish conductors with a stronger international career. He has conducted prestigious orchestras, including the Orchester National de France, the National Symphony Orchestra …

Juanjo Mena leads the Berlin Philharmonic Read More »

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Caurteto Casals

La Orquesta Sinfónica de Castilla y León ofrecerá el viernes 15 y el sábado 16 de abril su concierto de abono número 14, con un programa que cuenta en dos de sus obras con un cuarteto de cuerda como conjunto solista, algo que no es habitual en un concierto sinfónico. En este caso es el Cuarteto Casals, un grupo de prestigio internacional que ha ganado el Premio de la Crítica Alemana (2014) y actuado en

Daniel Stabrawa and the Cuarteto Casals in the Miguel Delibes Read More »

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Román Fernández

El estreno de la obra seleccionada se enmarca dentro de las actividades previstas para la celebración del 25 Aniversario de la Orquesta Sinfónica de Castilla y León, diseñadas por la Consejería de Cultura y Turismo, que tendrán lugar en la temporada 2016-2017. For this reason, se convocó un concurso, cuyas bases contemplaban que la obra seleccionada sería compuesta por un autor nacido o afincado en Castilla y León, y que sería dirigida, en dicha temporada, …

Roman Fernandez Escalera winner OSCyL composition 2016 Read More »

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"We live in an era that goes against classical music, because to play it you have to be silent. La verdadera esencia de la música clásica es el silencio” ARKADI VOLODOS. The Russian interpreter, Arkadi Volodos, actuates the 15 March 21st season in the Great Performers of Scherzo cycle with a recital at the National Auditorium of Music in which he will perform works by Brahms and Schubert. The pianist also offer the 17 …

Volodos will offer a master class in the Great Performers cycle Read More »

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The last three concerts Delibes + XXI cycle will take place on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 of March, in the Chamber Hall of the Cultural Center Miguel Delibes. The cycle has also developed in the Museum of Human Evolution, in Burgos, framed in a context of collaboration between the cultural facilities of the Junta de Castilla y León. A) Yes, Delibes + XXI has reached the MEH through the Symphony Orchestra of Castile …

Tribute to Pierre Boulez in Delibes + XXI Read More »

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El ciclo está compuesto por cuatro conciertos que tendrán lugar en el Centro Cultural Miguel Delibes con variadas propuestas de artistas, autores y estilos. Entre algunas de sus propuestas figuran obras de repertorio del siglo XX interpretado junto a música de Bach; una obra de estreno para la flautista en residencia del CCMD Clara Andrada; el homenaje a Pierre Boulez o la participación de los ganadores del I Concurso Internacional de Música de Cámara de

XXI Cycle begins Delibes + Read More »

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Javier Perianes

Javier Perianes llega a una de las citas cruciales en su gira por Estados Unidos el próximo 10 de Marzo. Su regreso al Carnegie Hall de Nueva York. Será su primera colaboración junto al director granadino Pablo Heras-Casado, titular de la Orquesta de St. Luke’s, con un programa netamente español que incluye Las Noches en los Jardines de España de Manuel de Falla. Este tour por Norteamérica de 15 concerts (Fort Worth Symphony, Florida, Boston Symphony, …

Javier Perianes at Carnegie Hall in New York Read More »

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Pablo Heras-Casado

Granada director Pablo Heras-Casado (1977) will debut 30 from January 2016 con la Filarmónica de Viena en la programación de la Semana de Mozart en Salzburgo (Mozartwoche). El director español ha sido la primera elección de la orquesta tras el anuncio de retirada de Nikolaus Harnoncourt, que ha elegido personalmente al músico español como su sustituto. Se presentará con un repertorio dedicado a Mendelssohn – Bartholdy frente a la orquesta como el primer español

Pablo Heras-Casado made his debut at the helm of the Vienna Philharmonic Read More »

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Se publica la primera grabación jamás realizada en la Capilla Sixtina con el debut discográfico del Coro de la Capilla Sixtina – el coro más antiguo del mundo. El disco “Cantate Domino” se publica en todo el mundo el 25 September 2015. For the first time in history, the Vatican has opened the doors of the iconic Sistine Chapel for a recording studio with the Sistine Chapel Choir, The chorus …

Cantate Domino Read More »

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Max Richter - Sleep

Max Richter, one of Britain’s leading contemporary composers, has just released his new album, “SLEEP”. It is eight hours long (!) – and is actually and genuinely intended to send the listener to sleep. “It’s an eight-hour lullaby,” says its composer, Max Richter. The landmark work is scored for piano, strings, electronics and vocals – but no words. “It’s my personal lullaby for a frenetic world,” he says. “A manifesto for a slower pace of …

Sleep. Max Richter Read More »

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Of the 15 al 26 of July, Festival Segovia (FS) will fulfill 40 years. 40 years of travel in which the best performers on the international scene have left their mark with unforgettable concerts. A Festival, endorsed by the 46 editions of his characteristic Chamber Music Week and 20 its Youth Festival, that integrate, bet big and young values ​​panorama of contemporary music, with a …

Festival Segovia meets 40 years Read More »

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El próximo uno de agosto arranca en el Kursaal donostiarra la Quincena Musical de San Sebastián con la Mahler Chamber Orchestra (days 1 Y 2) y obras de Prokofiev, Beethoven y Mozart. Será el inicio de una nueva edición centrada en consolidar un novedoso modelo que sin renunciar al rigor, la variedad y la calidad de sus propuestas, ha conseguido una total y muy sana sostenibilidad en tiempos de crisis. Con los abonos confirmados al

76º Fortnight San Sebastián Read More »

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Cuarteto Quiroga

El lanzamiento de “Frei aber Einsam” el próximo 15 de Junio, con los cuartetos Opus 51 Brahms, supone la confirmación del gran momento artístico que vive el Cuarteto Quiroga. Brahms publica estas complejas obras en 1873, con cuarenta años de edad y tras veinte borradores destruidos y otros tantos largos años de trabajo desde la primera prueba. El Quiroga elige estas piezas como parte de su viaje artístico después de su último disco ‘(R)evolutions’

"Free but lonely", new album of Cuarteto Quiroga Read More »

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Secretary of State for Culture, José María Lassalle, along with the director general of INAEM, Montserrat Iglesias and Antonio Moral, director of the National Broadcasting Music Center (CNDM), They have presented at a press conference season 15/16 This center. CNDM is a unit of the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM), proposed, for it is his sixth season, a varied program that maintains its …

Season 15 – 16 the National Center for Dissemination of Music (CNDM) Read More »

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The National Orchestra and Choir of Spain, en colaboración con el Museo Reina Sofía, ha programado para el próximo fin de semana una nueva sesión de sus Conciertos Mini. One of the characteristics of these concerts-hence its name- is that last for half an hour. Every day two sides are scheduled and the viewer can attend one or both. After each performance, el público podrá disfrutar además

The Mini Concerts of OCNE at the Reina Sofía Read More »

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Juan Diego Flórez sings for the Right to Education and Dignity of Children. Under the dome of Miquel Barceló, the Palais des Nations UN, The first concert will be held PEACE, coinciding with World Human Rights Day. morning, World Day of Human Rights, there will be a beautiful concert in the Hall of Human Rights of the UN, under the dome of Miquel Barceló, with …

Juan Diego Florez sings for peace Read More »

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