Teatro Real in Madrid

Successfully conclude 27 functions La traviata that dismiss the season of the Royal Theater


  • Between days 1 Y 29 July have been offered 27 functions La traviata, in which the public has scrupulously followed the health security measures implemented by the Teatro Real without any relevant incident.
  • 22.000 spectators have attended the performances, exceeding the objective of occupying the 50% of the total capacity of the room in all representations.
  • The Royal Theater thus culminates an exciting and very complex project, in which they have worked hard their 300 workers, in close complicity with the interpreters (four deals), the Choir and Orchestra of the Teatro Real Headlines, music director Nicola Luisotti and stage director Leo Castaldi.
  • The health protocol designed by the Teatro Real Medical Committee, in collaboration with its Prevention and Infrastructure teams, it is being offered to national and foreign institutions that request it.
  • So that all Spain and the rest of the world could see the first full opera offered on a stage after the period of mandatory confinement, La traviata was broadcast live and free of charge on MyOperaPlayer -still available in your catalog- and on RTVE.
  • The Teatro Real has been working for two months with the artistic team of A masked ball, which will open next season, so that production can be carried out within sanitary guidelines, with the scenery, original figurines and stage management adapted to new circumstances.
  • The subscription sale term for the next season will remain open until 17 September and you can already buy the locations for all the programming September and October.
  • Until the reopening of the Royal Theater to the public, the next 16 of September, MyOperaPlayer will remain very active, adding new titles to its catalog weekly.

The 27 functions La traviata offered by the Teatro Real during the month of July, without any case of coronavirus being recorded among the interpreters (four deliveries from different countries), workers, choir, orchestra and public who have attended the performances.

The success of this complex and unique project has been made possible by the exciting complicity of all: emotional and responsible support from the public, the trust and dedication of the artists, the enthusiastic involvement of the workers of the Teatro Real and its Titular Choir and Orchestra, the enormous contribution of the national and international media in the dissemination of the functions, the essential collaboration of sponsors and the support of official institutions: Government of Spain, Community and Madrid City Council.

The health security measures designed by the Medical Committee of the Royal Theater uestocomposed of six doctors of recognized prestige and different specialties─, in collaboration with its Prevention and Infrastructure teams, have been constantly adapting to the opinions of the health authorities, which allowed the theater to begin with an occupation of the hall of the 50% of the capacity and extend it later to 75%.

The rigorous protocol adopted, which was an investment of 340.000 euros, it is being offered to national and international institutions that request it to adapt it to the idiosyncrasy of each space and territory.

A) Yes, after the triumph of the functions of La traviata, the Royal Theater continues its path towards ‘normality’, preparing for the next season's opening, he 18 of September, with A masked ball, to be offered in a production from the Teatro La Fenice in Venice, with stage director Gianmaria Aliverta and scenery of Massimo Chequeto, who are working with the teams of the Teatro Real to redesign the show in strict compliance with sanitary security measures. Nicola Luisotti, first guest conductor of the Teatro Real, will return to assume the musical direction of the Verdian title, after unanimous applause from the public and critics for his deep and overwhelming reading of La traviata.

A masked ball will be presented with the scenery, props, figurines and stage direction adapted from the original production of the Teatro de la Fenice, which supposes a step more in the conformation of a programming that will be adapted to the circumstances of each moment.

Parallel work continues, already well advanced, of the first new production of next season, the popular Czech romantic opera Rusalka, with stage director Christof Loy, co-produced with the Dresden opera houses, Bologna, Barcelona and Valencia, which will be presented later.

The Royal Theater says goodbye, well, this season severed by the pandemic, with hope for the future and a deep feeling of gratitude for the support, collaboration, trust and complicity of all.

My Opera Player

My Opera Player, video platform the Teatro Real, consolidates its international presence thanks to a new catalog that includes, in addition to own productions, titles of important lyrical coliseums such as the Paris Opera, the Royal Opera House, he Bolshoi Theater, he Gran Teatre del Liceu, he China National Grand Theater, he Colón of Buenos Aires or the Municipal Theater of Santiago de Chile, to name a few.

During the period of confinement, in which the Teatro Real gave free access in Spain to the complete video library of the platform, while expanding content, more of 52.000 people joined the initiative with about 4 million visits. My Opera Player thus became a theater of theaters that music lovers from all over the world can attend.

In one more step into the future, he Teatro Real, hand in hand with Samsung, Telefónica and Endesa, has launched the application My Opera Player for smartphones and tablets with Android systems, which will soon be available in other environments, giving the opportunity to enjoy the exclusive content included in the application at any time and from anywhere through their mobile devices.

MyOperaPlayer, which was already operational on Samsung Smart TV since last November, has Telefónica, as a technological partner of the Teatro Real, and with the sponsorship of Endesa, who supported this initiative as sole sponsor when the platform was called Palco Digital.

The video library of MyOperaPlayer, available on demand, for a single connection or in various subscription modalities, offers a wide selection of titles including opera, dance, concerts, children's and youth shows, extra content about the productions, 4K recordings and live broadcasts.


Last November, the video platform of the theater Real, MyOperaPlayer, with the vocation of becoming a theater of theaters in which opera lovers, dance and music could access as many titles as possible, both own production and other important national and international institutions.

In this first stage, the project has had the participation of large opera centers, as the Gran Teatre del Liceu, he China National Grand Theater, he Colón of Buenos Aires, he Municipal Theater of Santiago de Chile or the Bicentennial Theater (San Juan, Argentina) next to National Heritage, Albéniz Foundation Y RTVE.

Hereinafter, MyOperaPlayer grows with the incorporation of new productions from the Paris Opera, the Royal Opera House, he Bolshoi Theater, the Berlin State Opera, the Zurich Opera House one to Bavarian State Opera, to name a few, who will contribute some of their spectacular productions in the coming months.

Among the titles that will be available in the coming days is Capriccio, in the spectacular production of the Teatro Real last season, Madama Butterfly, from the Royal Opera House, Y Elektra, from the Paris Opera, on the lyrical plane.

Dance will see its presence reinforced with emblematic works such as Sleeping Beauty Y Swan Lake, performed by dancers from the Boshoi Theater, O Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, by the London Royal Ballet.

This new international projection of MyOperaPlayer It has been possible thanks to the agreement signed with Naxos, one of the most important labels in the recording and distribution of classical music in the world.

In the last two months, the Royal Theater has given free access in Spain to the complete catalog of the platform, while expanding content, accompanying fans and opening a new cultural horizon to other audiences during the long days of confinement. More of 52.000 people were part of the initiative with close from 4 million visits.

Starting now, MyOperaPlayer recovers its subscription format which, in the coming days, since last sunday, 10 of May, and until next time 17 of May, a special promotion of 50% discount that will allow you to purchase six-month passes for € 23 or one year, for € 40, which means less than 4 euros per month.

MyOperaPlayer has the technological development of Telefónica Y Samsung, and sponsorship Endesa.

Madama Butterfly

To liven up the days of confinement through the opera, Dance, concerts and shows for the whole family, the Royal Theater has given free access in Spain, from the past 18 of March, to the complete catalog of MyOperaPlayer, expanding its contents during this period, with the complicity and support of the theaters and institutions that participate in this audiovisual platform: Gran Teatre del Liceu, China National Grand Theater, Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires, Bicentennial Theater de San Juan (Argentina), Municipal Theater of Santiago (Chile) and also National Heritage, Albéniz Foundation Y RTVE.

To complete this offer to users over almost two months, the Royal Theater will give free access worldwide, the days 8 Y 9 of May, a La Traviata already Madama Butterfly in MyOperaPlayer, in collaboration with the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation, aecidia, that will promote this initiative through all its international dissemination channels.

The Royal Theater will end like this, he 9 of May, the period of free access to the complete catalog of MyOperaPlayer started the past 18 March, in the area of ​​initiatives carried out during the strictest period of confinement, which now begins its gradual and progressive deactivation, under the guidelines of the Government of Spain.

Throughout these 9 weeks have registered on the platform more than 52.000 people, with about 4 millions of visits, animated by the programming proposals that have been launched weekly from all the broadcast channels of the Teatro Real: personalized information, newsletters, Press releases, social networks, etc.

To promote and spread free artistic programming, in constant dialogue and interaction with the public, live connections have been made with various artists, videos and numerous original contents in Teatro Real social networks, with a notable increase in its activity and the constant participation of users, who have had an increase of 15.000 followers, a scope of 4.789.303 people and a total of more than 3 millions of interactions.

The children's and youth programming of El Real Junior in MyOperaPlayer has had a large number of users, mostly families, who have used the various teaching materials available to help parents and educators.

The Teatro Real has also given access to some of the titles in its catalog to the Latin American countries that are members of LATIN AMERICAN WAVE-OPERA: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay.

The Royal Theater will continue its efforts to raffle with generosity, motivation and perseverance, the limitations imposed by the coronavirus crisis, offering the opera, dance and concerts in the best possible conditions, within the framework of the guidelines of the Government of Spain and the Community of Madrid.

Photograph: Javier del Real

dance on MyOperaPlayer

The next 29 April commemorates the International Day of Dance and the Royal Theater has wanted to join this celebration with a more prominent presence of this art in MyOperaPlayer

From the Municipal de Santiago-National Opera of Chile we get the choreographic version that Marcia Haydée performs of the classic Swan Lake performed by the Ballet de Santiago, that she runs

We recover another emblematic work of Antonio Gades, Blood Wedding, inspired by the homonymous drama of Federico Garcia Lorca, in which the dancer and choreographer gathers the essence of the tragedy, supported on the Andalusian temperament, masterfully performed by his company

North American choreographer Mark Morris seeks inspiration from the music of Händel and in the tables of William Blake to create a beautiful choreography: The Allegro, The Penseroso and Moderate

Fuenteovejuna, based on the original of Lope de Vega, turn the Golden Age into opera with the music of Jorge Muñiz and the script of Javier Almuzara, world premiere in a magnificent production that opened the season of the Oviedo Opera in 2018

The great romantic drama, Lucia de Lammermoor, will arrive on the platform at the weekend from the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona, with a luxury cast led by Elena Mosuc and Juan Diego Flórez

We remind you that, To access all the contents of MyOperaPlayer for free, all you have to do is register the link www.myoperaplayer.com and enter the code OperaEnCasa.

With the upcoming celebration of International Dance Day, next Wednesday, 29 of April, MyOperaPlayer wanted to open a special window to this artistic expression with the presentation of three very different shows that show from the slender elegance of classical dance, with Swan lake, to the racial expression and strength of Spanish dance, in Blood Wedding, to the subtle lightness of the contemporary form of The Allegro, The Penseroso and Moderate.

The artistic director of the Santiago ballet From Chile, the Brazilian Marcia Haydée, offers us a version of the famous ballet Swan Lake in which the wicked sorcerer Rothbart takes on a special role, equating their presence on stage to that of the "double" protagonist couple and achieving a novel reading of the story that has captivated the entire world since its appearance in 1895. The Chilean César Morales in the interpretation of Sigfrido, the Brazilian Andieza Randisek in the double challenge of Odette / Odile and the Chilean Rodrigo Guzmán playing Rothbart, They compose a virtuous protagonist trio wrapped by a company that is going through a magnificent technical and artistic moment..

In 1974 the stage of the Olympic Theater in Rome hosted the world premiere of what would be one of the great choreographies of the mythical Antonio Gades, Blood Wedding, with which the dancer and choreographer wanted to pay tribute to the poet Federico Garcia Lorca, to which they united ethical and political positions, and the use of folklore and traditions of Spanish popular culture as a source of artistic inspiration. The tragic feeling of the Andalusian people, the strength of Spanish dance and the flamenco essence are amalgamated in a work that interprets and further enhances the work of the Granada-born author. In his conception, Gades delivers everything by composing a narrative, almost filmic, that has not stopped being interpreted by everyone since its birth, turning Blood Wedding on the banner of the Spanish dance.

The Allegro, The Penseroso and Moderate, choreographer Mark Morris recreate 32 scenes inspired by paintings by William Blake, about music georg Friedrich Handel. Morris draws an expressive work, with predominant presence of the group through a choreography marked by vital and spontaneous steps that walk from the initial melancholy towards the contagious energy, where the collective predominates over the individual, convincing him of the full joy that the human being feels when he is part of something.

In September 2018 the Opera Oviedo assumed, probably, one of his bravest challenges with the world premiere of opera Fuenteovejuna, first own production of the Asturian theater, with music Jorge Muñiz and libretto Javier Almuzara based on the original by Lope de Vega, whose publication then celebrated its 400 anniversary. An entirely Spanish artistic team in which luxury names from the scene of our country participated, led by Miguel de Arco in the direction of scene, in collaboration with Paco Azorín in the sets and Sandra Espinosa in the sets, to name a few.

Functions Lucia de Lammermoor, de Gaetano Donizetti, at Gran Teatre del Liceu, were the perfect occasion for the tenor Juan Diego Florez The difficult role of Edgardo will debut. This great melodrama woven with impossible loves, betrayals, ancient clashes and death, contains one of the best-known arias in the history of lyrics at the time of its protagonist's madness, interpreted this time by Elena Mosuc.

The production of Damiano Michieletto, directed musically by Marco Armiliato, recreates a nude environment of excess, dominated only by the sharp, cold glass of a tower, which is both a place of celebration and death.

My Opera Player was launched by the Teatro Real in November 2019 and it has had the technological participation of Telefónica and Samsung and the sponsorship of Endesa.

#QuedateEnCasa, the Royal Theater stays with you.



Marcia Haydée

Municipal of Santiago-National Opera of Chile

Founded in 1959 with the name of Modern Art Ballet, he Santiago ballet is the only professional classical dance company in Chile. His command of the classical repertoire, his close relationship with contemporary choreographers, the quality of its artists and the experience of its teachers, the Santiago Ballet is one of the most important companies in Latin America.

Since 2004, the company is run by Marcia Haydée, considered one of the most important dancers of the 20th century. Hers is the choreographic version of this production offered by MyOperaPlayer, with scenery and costumes by Pablo Núñez and lighting by Ricardo Castro.

Released in 2009 by the Royal Ballet of Flanders, Swan Lake by Marcia Haydée gives a novel reading to history. in which the Rothbart character, so often relegated to a secondary place, acquires special importance, joining the "double" couple of lovers as one more protagonist.

The Chilean Cesar Morales in Siegfried's interpretation, the Brazilian Andieza Randisek in the double challenge of Odette / Odile and the also Chilean Rodrigo Guzmán embodying Rothbart, They compose a virtuous protagonist trio wrapped by a company that is going through a magnificent technical and artistic moment..

The music is performed by the Santiago Philharmonic Orchestra, under the musical direction of Roberto Rizzi Brignoli.


Antonio Gades

Teatro Real 2011

In 1974 premieres at the Olympic Theater in Rome Blood Wedding, choreography of Antonio Gades with which he wanted to pay tribute to the poet Federico García-Lorca, to which he was joined by ethical and political positions,and the inexhaustible source of inspiration that emanates from Spanish popular culture.

Gades, in collaboration with Alfredo Mañas in the ballet adaptation of the literary work, It structures the work into six scenes throughout which the tragedy is described with an expressiveness and plasticity that indicate, emphatically, the dancer's personality. Devoid of artifice, combines the languages ​​of dance, but also from the other arts, that explores and devours with curiosity, and extract the essence.

The dancers star in this representation Cristina Carnero (Girlfriend), Joaquín Mulero (Boyfriend), Angel Gil (Leonardo) Y Vanesa Vento (Mother), Next to the Antonio Gades Company. The sets and costumes are designed by Francisco Nieva.


Mark Morris

Teatro Real 2014

The Allegro, The Penseroso and Moderate, is considered one of the most interesting choreographies of Mark Morris. Inspired by the pastoral ode of George Friedrich Handel (1685-1759) of the same title, the work is divided into two acts, in which he recreates 32 scenes inspired by paintings by William Blake.

The presence of the group predominates in this creation, the coral structure, marked by vital and spontaneous steps in the form of basic paths that walk from the initial melancholy towards the contagious energy, where the collective predominates over the individual, convincing him of the full joy that the human being feels when he is part of something.

Morris counts on this show with the presence of the sopranos Sarah-Jane Brandon Y Elizabeth Watts, the tenor James Gilchrist and low Andrew Foster-Williams, Who, next to Headlines Choir and Orchestra of the Teatro Real, Handel under the direction of the teacher Jane Glover.


Jorge Muñiz

Oviedo Opera 2018

In September 2018 the absolute premiere of an opera based on one of the masterpieces of the Spanish Golden Age took place at the Oviedo Opera, Fuenteovejuna, from Lope de Vega, that raises perfectly transferable questions to today's society: the solidarity force of a social mass under the repression of established power and corruption and serves as a tribute to the 400 years after the first publication of this masterpiece.

With this starting point, the composer Jorge Muñiz, with the collaboration in the script of Javier Almuzara, conceives a work with very active rhythm music, shows many different traditions and genres but connected in a very organic way, with references to today's popular trends, like motown, el jazz or el hip hop.

The stage bet is based on some of the most important names in the theater of our country, headers Miguel del Arco (for the National Theater Prize) which had the collaboration of Paco Azorín in the stage design, Sandra Espinosa in costume design, Juanjo Llorens in lighting and Pedro Chamizo in the design of projections.

Santiago Serrate was in charge of the Symphony Orchestra of the Principality of Asturias and the Oviedo Opera Choir, along with a cast led by Mariola Cantarero (Laurencia), Antonio Lozano (Leafy), Felipe Bou (Esteban), Damian del Castillo (Fernán Gómez), Juan Antonio Sanabria (Mengo), Isabela Gaudí (Pascuala), Luis Cansino (Flores) and Pablo García-López (Judge).


Gaetano Donizetti

Gran Teatre del Liceu 2015

Juan Diego Florez debuted the role of Edgardo in Lucia of Lammermoor in November 2015, at Gran Teatre del Liceu, with this production of Damiano Michieletto directed musically by Marco Armiliato and the soprano Elena Mosuc in the leading role of the opera.

Truculent based on historical novel by Walter Scott, The Bride of Lammermoor, what Salvatore Camarano transformed into a script for Gaetano Donizetti, who composed the opera in just a month, Lucia di Lammemoor expresses romantic love that endures beyond lies, of misunderstanding, of madness and death. Located in Scotland, the rivalry between two enemy clans is the stage that sees the love between Lucia and Edgardo, who swear in secret marriage vow. The protagonist, Lucy, It is one of the great challenges of the operatic repertoire, both vocal and scenic, and which is known for one of its high points, when the character is delivered to madness.

The stage proposal offered by the Liceu, directed by Damiano Micheletto and premiered at the Opernhaus Zürich, recreate an environment “naked of excesses, dominated only by the sharp, cold glass of a tower, which is both a place of celebration and death”, in the words of the stage director.

Photograph: Javier del Real