Matadero ships

Due to production adjustments, the show That voice, scheduled to take place 26, 27 Y 28 October in the Matadero Ships will be postponed for future seasons, on dates yet to be determined.

En su lugar se ofrecerán cuatro funciones del espectáculo The Rite of Spring – an incidental illustration, from igor Stravinski, con ilustraciones de Sagar, the days19, 20 (two functions) Y 21 October, con la participación de la Head of the Royal Theatre Orchestra, under the direction of Nacho de Paz.

In 1913, durante el ya mítico estreno de Spring consecration, Igor Stravinsky, played by Vaslav Nijinsky and the Ballets Russes Sergei Diaghilev of, there was a commotion sounded at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées in Paris. The public, contorted face of such brutal spectacle, and overwhelmed by its subject, He did not hesitate to protest violence.

A century later, the Orchester National de France and Daniele Gatti music director met in the same theater to honor Stravinski, interpreting his masterpiece accompanied by illustrations of the Aragonese artist Sagar. This is the version that will be offered to the Naves Matadero - International Center for Living Arts (Nave 11), Titular Orchestra of the Teatro Real, under the direction of Nacho de Paz.

SPRING CONSECRATION – An incidental illustration

Music: Igor Stravinsky
Head of the Royal Theatre Orchestra
Orchestra director: Nacho de Paz
incidental illustration: Sagar
Script: Sagar and Jordi Gastó
Animation: Silvia Ortega
Lighting: Oscar G. Villegas
Postproduction and mixtures: Alberto Sansalvador
Video: Xevi Gibert

editors: Boosey and Hawkes Ltd. (U.K.)

DAYS: 19 (20:30 h.), 20 (18:30.h. Y 20:30.h.) Y 21 (20:30h.) October

PLACE: Las Naves del Matadero, Nave 11

PRICE: 15 euros