Philippe Jaroussky

The great counter Philippe Jaroussky dedicated to Francesco Cavalli his new album “Ombra Mai Fu, to be published 8 March in digipack CD and digital formats.
Ombra Mai Fu It includes vocal and instrumental numbers more than a dozen operas by Cavalli, They are ranging from relatively well-known works as Calisto, Hercules lover, Ormindo, Jason or even Eliogabalo, represented in Paris and Amsterdam, to oddities as statira, Princess of Persia y The virtue of the arrows of Love. In the romantic duets, Particip la soprano Emőke Barath (whose new album under the label Erato, qualified I want Cantar, reviews the music of Barbara Strozzi, alumna of Horses) there contralto Marie-Nicole Lemieux, that complements the comic duet "Ninfa bella" Callisto.
The piece title track is taken from the opera Xerse, created in 1654 and based on the same script he used for his famous Handel Serse, 80 years later. The latter version contains one of the most famous arias outside the world of opera, Ombra mai fu.

In the words of Philippe Jaroussky "Cavalli played an important role in the settlement of the opera (this new genre created by Monteverdi and others) as a form of popular entertainment. He composed several operas for the Teatro San Cassiano, which featured the first opera in Venice. "

Cavalli was also very active in the field of religious music. as a child, She sang under the direction of Monteverdi in the choir of the Basilica of San Marcos. He became organist of the cathedral and punctually, in 1668, He followed in his footsteps as Kapellmeister there, equivalent today to its musical director. Preparing this album, Ombra mai fu, Jaroussky could study the manuscripts of most 37 Cavalli operas preserved. "I wanted to show on this record all variety and qualities of the music of Cavalli. Sometimes, something may seem extremely simple but has a special melody, different and delicious taste in their harmonies. This project is designed to highlight the contrasts of his operas in the passage of some scenes to other, where the cry may be directly followed by a humorous element. "
PHILIPPE JAROUSSKY will present in concert the repertoire of this album:

7 April - Oviedo (Prince Felipe Auditorium)
9 April - Bilbao (Arriaga theater)
11 April - Santander (Palace of Festivals of Cantabria)