Die Soldaten at the Royal Theater

    There are many artistic expressions that have tried to reflect one of the main features of the twentieth century in its most negative, the horror, aberration and evil man is capable of generating almost infinitely. And there have been many artists, tragically influenced by having lived firsthand the cruelty of World War II. One of them was the German composer Bernd Alois …

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The soldiers

The soldiers (1965), considered in its day 'unrepresentable' for its complexity, demand and monumentality, It is a landmark in the history of twentieth-century opera and a huge challenge for a theater. The Royal Theater offer 7 Opera functions between days 16 May and 3 of June, in a new production originally created by the Zurich Opernhaus (September 2013) and the Komische Oper Berlin (June and July 2014). The address of …

The Royal Theater opens in Die Soldaten Spain, de Bernd Alois Zimmermann, on the centenary of the composer Read More »

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Javier Perianes

Two of the most international contemporary Spanish musicians, el pianista Javier Perianes y el director de orquesta Pablo Heras-Casado, se han unido a la Filarmónica de Múnich en un disco dedicado a las dos últimas obras compuestas por Béla Bartók: el Concierto para orquesta y el Concierto para piano núm. 3. In a joint tour that starts next 12 February – and it will take them several Spanish cities (Barcelona, Madrid, Fuerteventura, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

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Real-Festival of Granada Theater

Royal Theater and the Festival of Music and Dance of Granada have signed this morning a framework cooperation agreement whereby both institutions are committed to carrying out projects and activities that promote the spread of music and the arts, both in the cultural and educational. the agreement, signed by Ignacio García-Belenguer, CEO of Royal Theater, and Pablo Heras-Casado, Festival director, will run …

Royal Theater and the Festival of Granada, a common project Read More »

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The Flying Dutchman

“Hell on earth ", well it is known to the city of Chittagong, en Bangladesh. Place where is the biggest shipbreaking the world and where work is done very precariously. Where human life has value only but, at the same time, It is a tremendously spiritual society, who believes in reincarnation and in the more traditional legends permanently entering contradiction with the most ruthless materialism. Y …

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Granada director Pablo Heras-Casado (Granada, 1977) will debut 30 from January 2016 with the Vienna Philharmonic in programming Mozart Week in Salzburg (Mozartwoche). It will be presented with a repertoire dedicated to Mendelssohn - Bartholdy as the first Spanish who faces the orchestra in history, after the directed Placido Domingo in a concert for Europe in the gardens of Schönbrunn ten years ago. Heras-Casado …

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Pablo Heras-Casado

Granada director Pablo Heras-Casado (1977) will debut 30 from January 2016 con la Filarmónica de Viena en la programación de la Semana de Mozart en Salzburgo (Mozartwoche). El director español ha sido la primera elección de la orquesta tras el anuncio de retirada de Nikolaus Harnoncourt, que ha elegido personalmente al músico español como su sustituto. Se presentará con un repertorio dedicado a Mendelssohn – Bartholdy frente a la orquesta como el primer español

Pablo Heras-Casado made his debut at the helm of the Vienna Philharmonic Read More »

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El jueves y el sábado de esta semana, el Teatro Real ofrecerá el conmovedor War Requiem, Benjamin Britten, under the direction of Pablo Heras-Casado. Las dos funciones de la obra de Britten están integradas en la programación en torno su ópera Muerte en Venecia, que traerá también al Teatro Real, este mes, el Ballet de Hamburgo, con una coreografía inspirada en la novela homónima de Thomas Mann. More of 140 intérpretes participan en la

War Requiem, Benjamin Britten, under the direction of Pablo Heras-Casado Read More »

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