The formation of early music Spain, directed by Alejandro Marías, will perform next 26 of March, within the music season National Heritage, The Seven Words Joseph Haydn in the version of a very young Francisco Asenjo Barbieri. A concert that will feature Rafael Torres Ruibérriz, flauta travesera, junto a Spain, and the exceptional collaboration of the actor, theater director and founder of the Abbey Theater, Jose Luis Gomez.

Barbieri takes the Haydn quartet version and adds a fifth part for flute. This new voice sometimes the speech emphasizes the rope and make, other, undreamed melodies, making the score Haydn in sublime accompaniment for the flute but -there the genialidad- without changing a single note.

this concert, I framed the Music Series at Vespers of Easter, It is one of the most innovative proposals of the season 2020 National Patrimonico and one of the two planned by the institution including stakeholder participation to toggle music with the word. In recent decades the music program you National Heritage has established itself as one of the most outstanding elements of all the cultural activities of the institution, according to the extraordinary musical legacy that preserves. Musical Season of National Heritage is formed this year by seventy-two concerts in seventeen integrated cycles distributed by an average of four concerts each, plus a special chapter concerts

The Spagna take this concert one day after the presentation at the Royal Palace, to the Villamarta Theater in Jerez de La Frontera. This time, It is the poet Jose Mateos who declaim the spoken part of the work with the baroque ensemble.

The version with the actor Jose Luis Gómez has been recorded by all the Spanish Steps and its launch is expected in the coming months.

Spain It takes its name from one of the most famous melodies of the Renaissance, It was founded by Alejandro Marías Year 2009 to the bringing together some of the best musicians of his generation historicistas. Very flexible format, It has a shed and other orchestral chamber music, with opera and oratorio who plays with soloists and guest conductors.

Los estilos abordados por La Spagna van desde el Renacimiento hasta el primer Romanticismo — con alguna incursión en la música del siglo XXI—, While it is focusing on the Baroque most of its activity. Esta diversidad gira siempre en torno a un mismo principio: deliver a passionate performance, fidedigna y sincera que respete la perspectiva histórica y social de cada repertorio.

Since the release of his album A Tribute to Telemann, Spain has grabado para la obra purple by Jacques Morel leg (Brilliant Classics) Y The Seven Words Haydn-Barbieri. In the last times, He has performed in places like the Symphony Hall of the National Music Auditorium, the Royal Palace or Congress of Deputies, as well as the Early Music Festival in Seville, the International Festival of Sacred Art and Music Festival of Cadiz Spanish. His upcoming projects include a European tour featuring his latest album and collaboration with contemporary composers with the aim of creating new repertoires for old instruments

Alejandro Marías (Madrid, 1984) He is professor of viola da gamba of the Conservatorio Superior de Sevilla, artistic director of Spain, Goya Quartet cellist and regular contributor to groups like Zarabanda or Form Antiqva. He has given concerts in twenty countries and recorded for labels such as Brilliant, Warner o Winter&Winter, at the time it develops a work as a researcher, lecturer and essayist.



The Seven Words

Palacio Real de Madrid. Royal Chapel

26 of March 2020. 19:30hs.

Free entry until complete seats


The Seven Words

Villamarta theater (Jerez de la Frontera)

27 of March 2020. 20:00hs.

Royal Palace

The Royal Theater and National Heritage continue their common collaborative project, with who want to publicize their artistic richness and cultural activities, so that they are more accessible to locals, tourists visiting the city and, hereinafter, in virtual form, Digital access to Palco (, Teatro Real audiovisual portal.

Under a cooperation agreement, the Royal Theater recorded and distributed free concerts Cycle Chamber Music, They are taking place in the Hall of Columns of the Royal Palace, and Organ Cycle held in the Palace Chapel and the Royal Monastery of the Incarnation.

From Thursday 26 of April, Digital Palco have free access for all users who want to enjoy the concert held last March in the Hall of Columns, offered by the Brentano Quartet and Stradivarius from the Royal Collection. The program included the Madrigals of Carlo Gesualdo; Quartet No.. 49 in B minor, on. 64/2 Hob. III:68, from Franz Joseph Haydn; From the Fifth Book, from Stephen Hartke; and Quartet No.. 4 in the lower, on. 18/4, from Ludwig van Beethoven.

This initiative adds to the launch last January the joint visit, which allows access to a single entry into the Royal Theater and the Royal Palace, with significant received by the public.

The Royal Theater and National Heritage signed in April 2016, year began the bicentennial of the foundation and 20 anniversary of the reopening of the Teatro, a framework cooperation agreement to strengthen the development and promotion of cultural activities through joint actions.