Fortnight San Sebastián
A month begins 78 edition of the San Sebastian Musical Fortnight, the appointment is emerging as one of the most important summer. Till the date, They have renewed 100% fertilizers and have already been sold 15.500 tickets. further, three of the performances are about to supply lasts: the first function of “Carmen”, of the ballet of Victor Ullate, which opens the festival; “Fidelio” from Beethoven that the BBC Philharmonic and the Orfeón Donostiarra will provide, concert version, he 4 August and “Requiem”, from Verdi, that the Orchester Philharmonique du Luxembourg and the Orfeón Donostiarra will perform jointly 26 of August. In this way, the Fortnight is consolidated as one of the most sustainable festivals, able to finance close to 50% your budget (amounting to 2.400.000 euros) through ticket sales, sponsorships and other income outside of public institutions.
This year, The festival offer has increased notably with the creation of new cycles such as the Museo San Telmo, where you can hear some of the jewels of the chamber repertoire of the last two centuries. There will also be more activities aimed at children not only in San Sebastián, but also in other towns of Guipúzcoa, as Irún, Getaria, Oñati or Zumaia, that will host for the first time storytelling and workshops for children. The Kursaal program, the main venue of the Fortnight, also has in this edition with a greater number of musical proposals, like the double date with the ballet or the opera performed. Total, 87 shows, rdivided into 11 cycles that will extend throughout the province, besides Álava, Navarra e Iparralde. The Fortnight aims to expand its presence in the French Basque Country.
The symphonic start of the 78 edition of the Fortnight, the longest-running and most sustainable classical music festival in Spain, will be run by the BBC Philharmonic and its chief conductor, the vitorian Juanjo Mena, National Music Award 2016. This performance will mark the debut of the British group in the Fortnight. Before this appointment, the Philharmonic will premiere on 21 July at the Proms in London the play "Fidelio", Beethoven, produced in conjunction with the festival directed by Patrick Alfaya. That same program will be repeated, also with the Orfeón Donostiarra, in the second of his performances in San Sebastián.
Además del debut of the BBC Philharmonic and the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra, the 78th edition includes the recovery of the opera represented for the festival. Besides "Fidelio", Beethoven, concert version; the public can enjoy "The Marriage of Figaro", from Mozart. Luxembourg training will act under Gustavo Gimeno, one of the most successful Spanish directors internationally. Among the plethora of artists who will visit the Fortnight between the days 1 Y 31 August highlights the presence of the Gipuzkoan dancer Lucía Lacarra, who will play Carmen in the first of the two performances of Víctor Ullate's ballet.
In this edition of the Fortnight, it is also worth highlighting the presence of Asian musicians. Almost 20 years after his first visit to the festival in 1998, the Asian Youth Orchestra returns to San Sebastián. In addition to the Taiwanese conductor Yi Chen Lin - who will conduct Mozart's opera- and the AYO, highlights the recital that the renowned and media Chinese pianist Yuja Wang will give together with the violinist Leónidas Kavakos. Finally, la Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, under the orders of its current Director, Louis Langrée, will close the Fortnight with two performances.
As it is also usual in this cultural event, the 78 edition of the San Sebastián Musical Fortnight will develop its parallel cycles: Old music, Contemporary music, Organ, young Performers, the new Music cycle at the San Telmo Museum, On the border, Fortnight Fortnight Andante and Children. You can purchase tickets through the website (, and at the box office of the Kursaal and Victoria Eugenia Theater.
Musical fortnight

The 77 Edition San Sebastian Musical Fortnight yesterday was a grand finale, starring the Basque National Orchestra (OR), the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra (FOREST), he Orfeón Donostiarra and the Pamplona Choral Society, accompanied by the children's vocal groups Easo Easo Choir and Araoz Gazte. Almost 440 people, between musicians and singers, They took the stage of the AKursaal auditorium -expanded for the occasion- to offer the monumental "Te Deum" of Hector Berlioz, a work of architecture sound impressive dimensions. The teacher Victor Pablo Pérez was responsible for closing an issue that has offered more of 70 proposals, between concerts and other activities, which they have been enjoyed by thousands of fans.

He Kursaal auditorium has been, as in previous editions, one of the key areas of the Musical Fortnight. Successful influx of public scenario was repeated on several occasions that: has been 7 full absolute, and one occupation 95%, representing an increase of 2 points compared to the figures recorded in the last edition, While it is true that the number of concerts scheduled in this space has decreased 13 a 10. As for the average occupancy of the three concerts that have not hung the sign completely, it should be noted that this average occupancy has been at the 84,42%.

The Total box office amounts to 795.390 gross euros. It keeps, so, income level last year, compared to fewer scheduled in venues such as the Kursaal Auditorium and the Victoria Eugenia Theatre activities. As for the number of spectators, the 77 edition had 35.333 assistants.

Sir John Eliot Gardiner, founder of formations with the floor of Monteverdi Choir and the English Baroque Soloists, It was responsible for opening programming Kursaal auditorium, and he did so accompanied by the Escolanía Easo (5 of August). Gardiner Kursaal crowd with one of the greatest religious works of music history: the "St. Matthew Passion" by Bach. The appointment with the dance came from the hand of Ballet of the Grand Theatre de Geneve, company that offered his version of “Tristán e Isolda” (7 of August), one of the latest creations of choreographer Joëlle Bouvier, inspired by Wagner's opera. Another brilliant moments of this Fortnight was the one who lived with opera "Don Giovanni" Mozart (13 of August). The emblematic opera featured a balanced cast led by Christopher Maltman e Irina Lungu. The Budapest Festival Orchestra from Ivan Fischer He opened the festival symphonic landing, offering three performances at the Kursaal Auditorium. The 'resident orchestra’ this edition featured three concerts completely different: the program 20 August he looked Stravinsky, Bartók y Dvorak. In his second intervention (21 of August), Hungarian training was supported by the Orfeón Donostiarra and the Small Orfeoi to address the "Third" Mahler. The third concert (23 of August) It focused on the figure of Mozart and some of the works he composed during his last year of life. To play one of those works, the overwhelming "Requiem", the orchestra was accompanied by Belgian training Collegium Vocale Gent. The formation Balthasar-Neumann, He is acting by primeval time before the public donostiarra (24 of August), has been, maybe, one of the most pleasant surprises of this edition. The conductor Thomas Hengelbrock I stood in front of this training who attended the festival with his two -Chorus groups and Ensemble-, offering a program consisting of two major works: the "Pastoral" by Beethoven and "Harmony Mass" by Haydn. The works of Beethoven returned to acquire a special presence in the double quotes offered by the Radio Symphony Orchestra Frankfurt last weekend at the Kursaal Auditorium. Teacher Philippe Herreweghe, one of the main representatives of the historicist movement in music performance, I stood in front of this training to present two programs: in the first (27 of August), focused on the "Ninth" of Beethoven, German orchestra had the support of the Coral Andra Mari. British cellist Steven Isserlis He convinced the public thanks to a delightful rendition of "Cello Concerto No. 1" Haydn, one of the works that made up the program 28 of August. The OR and the FOREST They met yesterday (31 of August), for the first time in the history of the Fortnight, to deal with, under the baton of Victor Pablo Pérez, the closing of the festival. 439 People took to the stage of a crowded auditorium to offer a program consisting of works by Berlioz, 'Aita Madina’ and Sorozabal. On this historic occasion, the two Basque orchestras were wrapped by the Orfeón Donostiarra, he Pamplona Choral Society, the Escolanía Easo Y Easo Araoz Young.

He theater Victoria Eugenia he turned, once again, in intimate space 3 proposals (less than last year) very diverse profile: the performance of Russian pianist Nikolai Lugansky (6 of August), the recital of the Victorian counter Carlos Mena and his group Chapel Santa Maria (22 of August) and the children's show "The houseboat" of the company La Maquiné (30 of August). In the latter he cites the maximum occupancy of the room recorded.

One more year, it becomes to find that the different stages that make up the Fortnight continue to enjoy good health. This is the case Music Cycle Antigua, that in addition to his faithful followers, He is able to attract new attendees year after year to the Convent of Santa Teresa. The cycle, whose profits have been earmarked for the association June wings, This edition has celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary, registering a 92% occupation. Italian music was present at several of the programs which joined the cycle, on the other hand, the commemoration of 400 anniversary of the death of Cervantes and Shakespeare (Together conductus, 8 of August).

It is noteworthy, Likewise, the remarkable success of influx of Cycle Young boys interpreters, It has reached a occupation 90%. Once again, the Miramar Palace has been a valuable showcase to launch the careers of younger and interpreters. A wide selection of programs has accommodated repertoires and different styles, in this cycle where students Musikene, over one week (22-26 of August), He approaches the public with the illusion of offering the work developed during the academic year in the classroom.

regarding cycle dand Body, one of the most followed and most fruitful of the Fortnight, noting that retains its popularity and attendance, with about 4.500 viewers who have come to 12 conciertos which they have been held in San Sebastian temples and the rest of Gipuzkoa. Juan Paradell, organist of the Vatican's Sistine Chapel, He starred in one of the most anticipated concerts. 600 people attended, he 8 of August, the recital he gave at the San Vicente Church of San Sebastián, in which he conducted the premiere of "Quadri da Pinocchio" from Luca Salvadori (work commissioned by the Musical Fortnight). was crowded, as well, Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, he 10 of August, in the performance offered by the organists Marie-Bernadette Dufourcet Y Naji Hakim. 800 people attended the premiere of works "time” (of M.B. Dufourcet) Y Zortziko (first movement of the work "Three Basque Dances”, N. Hakim, commissioned by the Musical Fortnight). Loreto Fernandez Imaz, meanwhile, He released "Regina Coeli" written by -partitura Fernando Gonzalo– in the Church of San Ignacio (11 of August).

He Music Cycle contemporary Musikagileak continues as the platform in the field of the most innovative creation. There has been a slightly higher attendance last edition (more of 490 people, when the capacity of the room is 120 people). The cycle has surprised, once again, with the most transgressive bets, and it has hosted the premiere of two scores of Jagoba Astiazaran Y Gabriel Loidi. -the First premiere of the play "…As the sea ", composed for vibraphone by J. Astiazaran- It took place in the concert 29 of August, hand percussionist Miquel Bernat & Synchro space. The work "Quartet No. 4" G. Loidi premiered at the concert he gave Breton Quartet he 30 of August.

The traveler quintessential festival cycle, the Fortnight Andante -in which they have been offered, total, 17 concerts-, He has followed his path to reach, this year, to the the territories of Lapurdi, Navarra, Álava and Gipuzkoa, obtaining a more than satisfactory response from the public. Of note is the project in which they joined musical forces choirs Newman Sound Labrador (Canada) Y Easo Choir, vocal formations offered 4 concerts in tribute to the Basque whalers. Pasai San Pedro, Orio, Getaria y Senpere (23-26 of August) locations were chosen to hold these meetings inspired by the maritime heritage. They offered a program that combined the folklore of Newfoundland with Basque folklore, while premiered two works written for the occasion: "Newfoundland" de angel Illarramendi e “In the Heart of the Sea” de Kathleen Allan. Special mention, Likewise, the great success of the multi-talented Armenian violinist now Malikian at sanctuary Arantzazu (25 of August), which brought together more than 1.200 viewers exhausting all locations.

as a novelty, point, Besides, this year has wanted to increase the supply musical directed to children and youth, why they have created new sections like Kantu Kontari, that is to say, sessions storytelling with musical accompaniment that took place every Saturday from Fortnight at the Kursaal Auditorium Foyer. For the same reason, activities Children's day (30 of August) They were extended to the closing day of the festival (31 of August) Y, Besides, It has continued to focus on initiatives such as Then the young man O Musik Eler (25 Y 26 of August), they seem to have taken root among the younger audience Fortnight.

Advance scheduling 2017

The festival organization is already working on scheduling its next edition. The Philharmonic Orchestra BBC -under the direction of Juanjo Mena will be responsible for opening the 78 Musical fortnight. It will be the first act, this orchestra, within the framework of the Fortnight. Closing the festival will hand the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, so the presence of American music will be guaranteed in the program of the next edition. Chinese young pianist Yuja Wang will give a recital at the Victoria Eugenia Theatre. As for the appointment with the opera, it is hoped to re-schedule staged opera in the Kursaal Auditorium.