stories in the warmth of home

In these days of cold and rain, the doors of Teatro Real open to bring the whole family together in a warm environment in which to enjoy the old stories from the hand of the Grimm brothers and the czech company Karromato what, with its string puppets and its shadow theater, will return us to the tradition of Tales in the heat of home.

Eight functions will be offered spread over this weekend, Saturday 24 and Sunday 25, and the next, Saturday 30 and Sunday 31, to 12 and to the 17.00 hours, all of them in the Sala Gayarre.

Karromato recovers the original tales, no versions or adaptations, leaving the narration in the power of the communication of puppets and music, performed on this occasion by the violinist Silvia Romero and the pianist Duncan Gifford who will turn Robert Schumann's music into “words”, creating a magical atmosphere of singular beauty.

Through these stories children are taught to overcome fears, to face the challenges that life presents, to discover the secrets that are hidden in everyday life, which will be your tools of the future. They thus recall the times when the elderly transmitted tradition and wisdom to children and youth., in the form of a fable.

Karromato is a European Puppet Company based in Prague. Its members come from Spain, Hungary and the Czech Republic, united by interest in the traditional string puppet technique, in whose construction and manipulation they are involved from 1997, working the wood and taking great care in the details.

As in other shows of Royal Junior, an interesting educational guide with information about the show is available on the website, historical details and games and activities designed to be done in a participatory way at home, before or after the show. It is already available at the following link: Tales in the heat of home.

Production by Karromato with the collaboration of the Czech Center of Madrid


Idea and Direction: Karromato Company

Music: Robert Schumann

Musical adaptation: Marko Ivanovic

Scenographer: Luis Montoto

Puppet builder: Jan Ruzicka

Shadow designer: Ettore Battaglia

Violinist: Silvia Romero Ramos

Pianist: Duncan Gifford

Teatro Real

The younger audience is once again the protagonist of the weekend at the Teatro Real with a new title of the Real Junior program in which, hand in hand with the music of Igor Stravinsky, we will discover the A Soldier's Story, work based on the text of Charles Ferdinand Ramuz of the same title, inspired in turn by a Russian folk tale.

Three sessions will be offered on the days 3 Y 4 October at 12.00 hours, in the Main Hall, with the necessary protocols and sanitary measures so that the family public feels safe and can enjoy a morning music day.

The Teatro Real wants to join in the recognition of the effort and work carried out since the beginning of the pandemic to health personnel and to the security forces and services (National Police, civil protection, firefighters, SAMUR and municipal police), making free full-feature tickets available to you this weekend, so they can enjoy music as a family. The invitations have been distributed to interested parties through hospitals, professional associations and administrations of the security forces.

The story tells the story of a soldier who, back home, with a rest permit, is mocked by the devil, in the form of a stranger, suggesting you exchange your violin for a magic book with which you can learn about the future and get rich. The soldier accepts the barter and spend three days in the company of the new friend in order, On one side, to teach him to play the instrument and, for other, of learning to interpret the content of the book. But not everything will be as he expects ...

At this starting point, music, word and dance will construct the story with a closer look and a more current format in the eyes and sensibilities of today's young people, directed and choreographed by Ferran Carvajal, with the participation of Roger Orra in the design of the scenography and the costumes and Marc Lleixà in lighting.

Teacher Rubén Gimeno will direct the soloists of the Youth Orchestra of the Community of Madrid, in a complex score in which each instrument represents a character and all define the different scenes, sometimes with an intimate and, sometimes, festive and carefree where the waltz, jazz or ragtime dance together.

A Soldier's Story is a production of L’Auditori de Barcelona, Thorus Arts and Jeloudoli being featured, for the first time at the Royal Theater.

As it is usual, the Royal Theater makes available to viewers, in his web page, a complete Teaching guide with complementary information and curious facts about the show.

Photograph: Javier del Real

Chamber Orchestra emblematic of the Royal Theater, and his magical piano, once again the protagonists of Royal Junior in this season. While the sunset caressing the rooftops of Madrid, pianist Isabel Dombriz and Fernando Palacios will discover "Other worlds" hiding in an enigmatic concert.

Aimed at an audience from 12 years, sessions on weekends will take place in the 21, 22 Y 23 February and the 28, 29 February and 1 of March, to 20.00 hours, except Sundays (23 February and 1 of March) which will begin at 19.00 hours.

In addition to night pianos, under the moonlight, and hidden and hidden faces dim, we have found pianos of other worlds. They are in the Valhala Wagner, in The planets the Holst, in fugitive visions Prokofiev and in the depths of The submerged cathedral Debussy.

Also we have located, floating in the circular worlds of Bach, in the vaporous cosmos of Pink Floyd or in the parallel universes of Scriabin. Everyone will meet at sunset in a unique universe ...

Photography © Javier de Real / Teatro Real

After the voices of Don Carlo and the steps of Giselle, he Teatro Real programming now opens Royal Junior, dedicated to children, youth and family, with which you want to create a way of opening or initiation of children to musical and artistic world, arousing their curiosity and encouraging moments to share with their environment.

The next 19 October, one day before school function, will open the season My friend the monster, a production of the Clair de Lune Company, inspired by the novel by Mary Shelley Frankenstein, which makes an adaptation for shadow puppets and actors who interpret the plot in front and behind the screen. In parallel to the premiere of this title, the SGAE Foundation will hold two film sessions on the figure of these beings in the Berlanga room with the projection of the films A monster comes to see me, Jose Antonio Bayona, Saturday 26 October, Y handia, Jon Garaño and Aitor Arregui, Saturday 2 of November, both the 17.00 h.

Through different artistic expressions -Finger puppets, music stories, projections, who, opera and circus- with a playful approach, and music in the center of each story, Stories and fables will be told whose content will be a vehicle for transmitting values ​​and knowledge with which children can compose their own vision of the world.

Activity Royal Junior will make this season the Sala Gayarre in the heart of its activity, providing viewers closeness and complicity with the artists. It will take place four of the seven shows scheduled: My friend the monster (puppetry), The Little Match Girl (new musical tale), old cinema with new music (silent film with live music) e Story of Babar, the little elephant (musical tale).

Chamber Orchestra, one of the landmarks in the Theater, beautiful sunset overlooking the city, it will no longer invade at night and in the dark A Piano of other worlds will be the theme of a story that will transit from Wagner to Pink Floyd.

Behind the red curtain in the main room they will hide Acrobat and harlequin (opera and circus) and the last show of the season, in May, wherein the master Lucia Marin It will be placed in front of the Youth Orchestra of the Community of Madrid to interpret works of the most passionate Beethoven in a didactic concert conducted by humor and wit Luis Piedrahita under the title Alabin, pRAISE, a la Ludwig van! ¡Beethoven, Beethoven and no one else!

The cycle of family workshops Everyone to the Gayarre! what, monthly basis, performs a musical introduction, lighthearted and entertaining, around the great titles of the main stage, will continue another year with management and presentation Fernando Palacios, Sunday eighteen meetings between the months of October to June.

The Royal Theater continues its partnership program with schools across Spain, beyond the pedagogical functions that take place in the theater itself, rebroadcasting shows Real Junior in schools throughout Spain, thanks to collaboration agreements with the autonomous communities (Andalusia, Aragon, Castilla la Mancha, Castilla y León, Madrid and Murcia).

The next May, Teatro Real production The Little Match Girl, inspired by the homonymous story of H.C. Andersen, written and directed by Rita Cosentino scene, will travel to Badajoz as one of the activities that are part of the agreement signed between the Provincial Council of Badajoz and the Royal Theater for the promotion of opera in Extremadura.

All shows will count, as usual, with a tutorial, accessible for free via the website of the Theater ( for parents and teachers, in which detailed information about the show and, fundamentally, practical exercises for teachers and parents to help small to get a broader view of the world that will know.

REAL JUNIOR - Programming


Based on the novel Frankenstein, from M. Shelley

Stage director: Francy Begasse |authors, actors and puppeteers: Paulo Ferreira, Amanda Kibble

Y Elise Dethier

New production at the Theatre Royal

16 representations between 18 Y 27 from October from 2019, functions 18, 23 24 Y 25 only for schools


Music of Erik Satie Y Francis Poulenc

Production of La Maquiné in coproduction with the board of Andalusia and with the collaboration of the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona and Laboral City of Culture

New production at the Theatre Royal

10 representations between 8 Y 12 from November, he 8, 11 Y 12 only for schools

LA Little Match Girl

Inspired by the eponymous tale H.C. Andersen, music of César Franck

Writer and staging Rita Consentino Director Musical Alexis Delgado Violinist Marta Moran Scenographer Ricardo Sánchez Cuerda

Royal Theatre production

12 representations between 23 and the 29 from December from 2019


Movies about Buster Keaton with piano music

Pianist Jean Jadin | Actors: Guy Cohen and Aaron Martin

Royal Theatre production

16 representations between 17 Y 26 from January from 2020. The days 17,22,23 Y 24 only for schools


Music of Richard Wagner, Gustav Holst, Claude Debussy, Serguei Prokofiev and Pink Floyd among others

Script and presentation: Fernando Palacios, Pianist: Isabel Dombriz

New production of Teatro Real

6 representations between 21 from February and the 1 March 2020


Tale of J. Brunhof which F. Poulenc set to music

Stage director and narrator Ana Sanchiz Hernandez- musical direction::: Miguel Huertas

Royal Theatre production

16 representations between 12 Y 22 March 2020, 12, 13, 19 Y 20 only for schools


Ludwig van Beethoven Music

Script and presentation: Luis Piedrahita | Director musical: Lucia Marin

New production of Teatro Real

7 the representations 17, 23 Y 24 of May, and the 20 Y 21 only for schools


children's workshops with management and presentation of Fernando Palacios.


The Royal Theatre will cinemas across Spain and acentric school the best shows of their children and youth programming.


The Brave Little Tailor child opens the season of the Teatro Real with six family day functions 30 Y 31 October and 1 November at 11.00 and to the 13.00 hours, preceded by workshops Everyone to the Gayarre! The next sunday, 23 October, to 12.00 and to the 17.00 hours.

Programming Royal Junior It's conformed by 7 productions (Opera, dance, puppetry, concerts, etc.) Y 9 workshops for different ages, with a total of 83 functions.

From this season, schools in Spain will bring their students to the nearest cinema halls -88 the confirmed, from 17 where children and youth communities- shows the Royal Theatre will be broadcast during school hours. Brundibár, de Hans Krasa, It will be screened in theaters 27 January to coincide with the International Day of Holocaust, Y Dido and Aeneas, Henry Purcell, he 9 of May, under the Days European Opera.

Broadcasts will also be offered directly to schools through the Ministries of Education of the Autonomous Communities that have a collaboration agreement with the Royal Theater: The Little Match Girl, he 22 November -Day of Music-, Y The dream of a nigth of summer, he 12 May next year, within the registered initiatives in the European Opera Days.

Madrid, 18 October 2017 - Integrated Memorial Triennial Bicentenary of the Royal Theatre, the Season 2016-2017 El Real Junior It offers a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary musical proposals, training, playful and interactive, with which it aims to stimulate and develop artistic sensitivity of children and youth.

Make up your programming seven films: Alibabach, for babies; A history of dance Y The Magic Flute, for people over 4 years; The Brave Little Tailor and opera The cat with boots, for people over 7 years; the recital Moonlights, for people over 12 years; and a The dream of a nigth of summer, Christmas concert for all audiences.

As in previous seasons, there will be family functions weekends -whose Tickets can be purchased through all sales channels and Teatro Real- school functions aimed at schools, which they may bring their students to the shows of the Royal Theatre as a complementary educational activity.