Ritmo magazine

Next month November 2018 the Spanish classical music magazine RITMO, whose number one came in November 1929, enters his year 90 Uninterruptible edition (except the period of the Spanish Civil War: August 1936 – March 1940).

  • A cultural magazine in our country keep alive 90 years we can say that is a milestone; but if the magazine is classical music thing has even more merit.
  • RHYTHM gives us 90 years of life, with serious chances of reaching centennial, in a country where its most eminent historians of the past and present her country branded deaf.
  • RHYTHM is a magazine that has needed to break through the tripping of power structures than in the past (Now in many circles too) They always saw in Culture, in the music, as a kind of entertainment for young ladies and the dominant social classes and idle but, in no case, a key to the formation of the people.
  • RHYTHM has come reached where a claim as flag: the defense of Spanish music, which it is pure justice reveal when making any comment about its history.
  • In these 90 RHYTHM years the magazine has published 923 numbers over 68.000 pages.
  • In the year 2004 RHYTHM received the Gold Medal of Merit in the Fine Arts.
  • RHYTHM managers throughout their 90 years: Rogelio del Villar (1929-1936), Nemesio Otano (1940-1943), Fernando Rodríguez del Río (1943 – 1976), Antonio Rodriguez Moreno (1976 – 2010), Fernando Rodriguez Polo (2010).
  • Highlights of his early collaborators: Higinio English, Luis Araque, Conrado del Campo, Manuel de Falla, Enrique Franco, Antonio Iglesias, Eduardo Lopez Chavarri, Lopez Fernando Lerdo de Tejada, Arturo Menendez Aleixandre, Joaquin Nin, José Ignacio Prieto, José Puerta, Leopoldo Querol, Joaquin Rodrigo, Angel Sagardi, Adolfo Salazar, Federico Sopeña, José Subirá and Joaquín Turina, among others.
  • RHYTHM is currently published monthly basis, Fixed topical sections, opinion and criticism, in addition to fixed pages with topical issues of national and international musical life.

The classical music magazine RHYTHM, Since its founding in 1929 to the present day, It offers a veritable encyclopedia of Spanish and international musical life in the twentieth century to the present day, in their 923 issues published. More of 68.000 pages with the best firms of Spanish music journalism and collaborations with big names of the composition and interpretation. The history and development of phonographic editions from the microsurco to CD, the DVD, Blu-ray and Internet. The Spanish musical life in the republic and in the postwar period. The development and growth of classical music in Spanish society of democracy and to this day. 90 year history of classical music in Spain.

Such long-lived magazine has had to adapt to the times, in each of the periods of its history, It is the secret of their survival. RHYTHM today offers amateurs and professionals a means of global communication, in a multimedia environment, editions on paper, digital, Internet and social networks, with a leading position in the Spanish market and a large international presence and prestige.

From its inception until today, RHYTHM Magazine has traveled the long road, making all efforts to raise and implement a concept that our country was always fairly diffuse, the music journalism. On the other hand, the defense of Spanish music and musicians; of the Spanish musical institutions, public and private, all perfectly localizable and documentable in more than 900 issues published, have been their editorial guidelines that, in any case, has led us to be able to hold him next November the 90 years of a classical music magazine in Spain.