Yesterday, Thursday 20 October, Magazine RHYTHM held its party number 900 in Mahler's Fifth. The act, within a very festive atmosphere, It was presented by Eva Sandoval and they attended by the director of the publication, Fernando Rodriguez Polo, and its editor, Gonzalo Pérez Chamorro.

During the ceremony, packed with attendees, including members of the team of collaborators of the magazine, as well as outstanding musical and journalistic personalities of the country, they could shoot at the photocall, to be published in the next issue of November, 901 ...

Attendees also reported what was happening in their social networks, which are available on the facebook and twitter RHYTHM:

https://twitter.com/RevistaRITMO (@RevistaRITMO)


Among wines and wines, attendees enjoyed an intimate act that could talk to all the pleasures RHYTHM Music, meats and wine of Rioja, served by the wineries Luis Alegre.

a review was made to the 87 year history of the magazine, its directors (Fernando Rodríguez del Rio, Rogelio del Villar, Nemesio Otano, Antonio Rodriguez Moreno Y Fernando Rodriguez Polo), their editors in chief, professional teams, teams of collaborators at various stages, large firms of music journalism and musicology who have participated in the history of the magazine (historical names who wrote in RHYTHM: Conrado del Campo, Manuel de Falla, Joaquin Nin, José Subirá, Joaquin Turina, Joaquin Rodrigo, Higinio English, Rogelio del Villar Y Federico Sopeña, among others).

It also opened a dialogue with the audience about the future of the music press to the challenges of Internet. the presence of new Web pages of musical information is reviewed, blogs, platforms downloads and streaming, of the “all free” In the net.

RHYTHM director announced for next year 2017 a new multimedia platform for information and services for classical music under its brand RHYTHM, which seeks to give answers to the questions and concerns that currently poses Internet publishers and consumers of classical music in our country.

the event was attended by large numbers of people from Madrid's musical life, critics, journalists, artists, record companies and publishers and collaborators RHYTHM. He also acted as master of ceremonies John Lucas, director de la revista Scherzo, maintaining the excellent collaboration between the two publications.

The party ended with a tasting of an excellent wine from Rioja, wineries Luis Alegre, accompanied by the necessary snacks, allowing to extend it until very advanced hours of the night.



The classical music magazine RHYTHM, for the month of October, edit your number 900, a festive number in a special report published, where the reader will find a selection of items Gonzalo Alonso, Rafael Banús Irusta, Angel Carrascosa Almazan, Jose Luis Garcia del Busto, Alberto González Lapuente, Pedro Gonzalez Look, Juan Antonio Llorente, Miguel Angel Marin, Santiago Martin Bermudez, Fernando Palacios, Arturo Revert, Andrés Ruiz Tarazona, Eva Sandoval, Luis Suñén, Jesus Trujillo Sevilla, Ana Vega Toscano Y Juan Angel Vela del Campo, as well as a special article by Pedro Gonzalez Look, with hindsight of history, present and future of RHYTHM. the dossier closes with congratulations from several hundred national and international musical world on the occasion of number 900 RHYTHM.

The special issue is completed with the usual sections: the editorial, "Perseverance and survival", analyzes of achieving the 900 numbers. Continues with our cover, dedicated to pianist and conductor Daniel Barenboim, which act to Ibermúsica, the consolidated agency and concert promoter, we spoke, represented by its director, Llorenç Caballero. In our section we record the top parade of the month Jonas Kaufmann y of the "Dolce Vita". All these contents, plus sections of criticism and opinion in "The Great Illusion", "Table 4" and open forum, signed Arnoldo Libermann, signed by prestigious national and international critics, part of the special issue 900 RHYTHM.

About the Journal RHYTHM:
RHYTHM was founded in 1929 by Fernando Rodriguez del Rio as music magazine classical music, serving all music. Since then he has published uninterruptedly , except the period of the Spanish Civil War, to today. Rogelio del Villar Y Nemesio Otano fueron los primeros directores (1929-1936 Y 1940-1943, respectively), Fernando Rodriguez del Rio to 1976, Antonio Rodríguez Moreno hasta marzo de 2010 and Fernando Rodriguez Polo until today.
RHYTHM has been awarded the Gold Medal of Merit in the Fine Arts.
RHYTHM currently the magazine is published monthly in paper format and in digital format. Edit a web portal for classical music www.forumclasico.es and offers special information services on social networks via Twitter and Facebook.