Rodrigo Cuevas

Spearhead of the "electrocouple ”, sex symbol of the couplet, total artist Y popular music scholar: a performing arts phenomenon.

With music by Chapí, Alonso, Guerrero, Soutullo y Vert, Sorozábal, Chueca, Giménez, Vives o Penella.

Spearhead of the "electrocouple", sex symbol of the couplet and total artist, so is Rodrigo Cuevas: a performing arts phenomenon and popular music scholar that he Monday 30 of November (20h00) will present his show ‘Barbián’ at Teatro de la Zarzuela. With dramaturgy and artistic direction by Fernando Carmena and arrangements and live music by Frank Merfort Y Richard Veenstrav, the function is built around compositions of Chapí, Alonso, Guerrero, Soutullo y Vert, Sorozábal, Chueca, Giménez, Vives O Penella.

As Fernando Carmena explains, the word barbián comes from the caló "barbán", which means "air", and in Spanish it is said of someone outgoing, gallardo, dared. “When I heard Rodrigo Cuevas for the first time - he affirms - I knew immediately that he would be a perfect zarzuela barbián. He is dark and rugged like Mari Pepa de Chapí or Don Homobono de Parada, but is above all a complete artist and scholar of popular music”.

Singer, composer, multi instrumentalist and folk shaker, your voice transits easily between tradition and underground. As Carmena says: "Discover links where others insist on creating divisions".

Merfort Y Veenstrav -composers and sound designers based in Berlin– sand related to the music of Chapí, Chueca, Giménez, Vives, Sorozábal…, with "liberating contemporary sensibility, although without losing sight of the stem cells of the starting compositions”. This is how Carmena describes the musical challenge of ‘Barbián’, and assures that “the syncretism of the zarzuela embraced the jota, el chotis, the cuplé ... and permeates both our musical commitment and the fabulous costumes designed by Constantino Menéndez (Made by Kös)”.

Between Madrid and Berlin, the orchard and cabaret, between the traditional and the cosmopolitan, 'Barbián' proposes "a heterodox journey through a genre no less heterodox ", concludes the playwright and artistic director of the show.