Twenty years has this Carmen de Calixto Bieito finally arriving to the Royal Theater. Production more represented in the history of this opera, It comes with some controversy over "adjustments" that the art team has been forced to perform on supposedly offensive scenes. The changes are merely cosmetic, so as not to focus on certain elements that only pretended to be artistic expressions. Based on the work of Prosper Mérimée, Bizet adapted …

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La clemenza de Tito at the Teatro Real Madrid

“Turn away from our life everything that is not love ... ", They sing a duet Annio and Servilia in one of the most romantic moments of this opera. And so in love must be to venture successfully into the ice escenográfico proposed Ursel and Karl-Eenst-Rousset in its proposal last opera composed by Mozart written for the coronation pomp of Leopold II as King of Bohemia. Time passes for this production …

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