Notes Ambigú

Composed Mezzosoprano Marta Infante and harpist Manuel Vilas, They will perform music Juan Hidalgo, José Marín, Diego Fernandez de Huete, Juan del Vado O Sebastian Duron.

He Notes cycle Ambigú of the Teatro de la Zarzuela programming continues its evocative another particularly attractive proposition for the amateur. Throughout the recital 'Tonadas and baroque zarzuelas’, the mezzo-soprano Marta Infante and the harpist Manuel Vilas, Or what is the same, the duo Ars Atlantic, They moved to the origins of the genre to 120 viewers again fill the ambigú Theater. this singular musical time travel it will be tomorrow Tuesday, 12 from December, from 20h00.

In said path Ars Atlantic construed compositions Juan Hidalgo, José Marín, Diego Fernandez de Huete, Juan del Vado O Sebastian Duron, as well as various shades of the same anonymous XVII century those musicians lived and revolutionized. Marta Infante and Manuel Vilas formed in Ars Atlantic 2007, and within it are dedicated to the interpretation of musical theater repertoire profane and sacred from the twelfth to eighteenth centuries, focusing on baroque works for solo voice and continuous and continuous melodic instruments. In that year they released the album 'Harp Tones' (enchiriadis). Since then, the duo is a regular guest in classical music festivals and major old from inside and outside our country. Infante and Vilas make a valuable research work, recovering and recorded lots of unreleased music both Spanish composers such as Italian.

His numerous recording projects, What are they being studied, highlight, besides the aforementioned 'tones harp', It is containing human and divine tones of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries from Catalan manuscripts, Valencians and Majorcans, the titleholder 'Sing Contarini', cantatas composed anonymous from the palace Contarini in Piazzola sul Brenta- Padova ( S.XVII); disc received in the Prelude Award Music the HNetherlands he award for best album of the year early music 2010.

He Teatro de la Zarzuela It will thus become a space different concerts thanks to his new ambigú; increasingly full of life. The elegant coffee will again be exclusive and privileged music room, where what matters is the proximity between artists and the public; the inspiring privacy which it can hardly be achieved in a large concert hall.

The fact that I hung poster 'sold out' at every concert of the 'Notes Ambigú' last season, and the enthusiastic reception from the public, It has naturally caused not only their consolidation, but also the increase concerts that compose. He Teatro de la Zarzuela will offer eight recitals they will travel to the public for French music, Mexican, sefardí or Galicia, by baroque tunes and operettas, chamber music or, how not, the couplet.

A) Yes, the appointment Ars Atlantic, and after the spectacular start of the cycle with soprano Carmen Romeu pianist and teacher Rubén Fernández Aguirre French music playing, follow the recitals of trio Arbós with 'Chamber Music' (22 from January), baritone Javier Franco with 'Song Galicia' (13 February), soprano Ruth Iniesta with an offering 'Joaquín Rodrigo' (13 of March), Of the information music with "Music Sephardi ' (16 of April), Guatemalan soprano Adriana González, second prize in the last contest Viñas, with 'Song Mexican camera' (21 of May) Y Charo Reina with 'A song and a glass' (4 of June).