LOVA Gala at the Royal Theater

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The project Lova -The Opera, A vehicle Aprendizaje-, the Royal Theater launched in 2007, meets 10 years with a path full of successes in the educational world in Spain. Lova is an education project in which students in a class (in its. . . . .text complete

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Teatro Real

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Teatro de la Zarzuela

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High school

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Arts Valencia

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Teatro de la Maestranza

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It is the countertenor one of the voices that here we care when we have more time. also it affects the taste for this vocal repertoire that record belongs almost entirely. Figure countertenor was replacing women who then could not enter the. . . . .text complete

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We are facing a fascinating character, therefore its interpretative genius, as for his flamboyant and attractive personality. Despite its uniqueness, and being diagnosed, Posthumously, with Asperger's Syndrome, his musical genius is above any personal aspects. Glenn Gould,. . . . .text complete

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Recent weeks have been marked by significant losses for the world of music. Claudio Abbado obtained from the orchestras who ran a delicacy almost unreal. Gerard Mortier was a teacher in bringing teams to deliver amazing results. The Royal Theatre premieres 3 April one of. . . . .text complete

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A small and simple funeral procession accompanied the Master's 21 January through the streets of Bologna. After, and absolute privacy, He was buried former Director of the Scala of Milan and the Berlin Philharmonic. Scarcely had flowers, the family wanted that money to go. . . . .text complete

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There are many recordings that are available to all through networks. Perhaps too. This volume of information prevents us sometimes discover authentic wonders. From this section we want to discover and presenting these little gems or curiosities that may be of interest. For that, we ask. . . . .text complete

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The Bilabaina Association of Friends of the Opera, ABAO, It presents a season of strong feminine character. As usual, in their already 62 edition, premieres and own productions are its hallmark. Tutto Verdi exceptional program adds three titles: the premiere of Giovanna d'Arco Bilbao, Rigoletto. . . . .multimedia / text complete

In these times of empty coffers, the Teatro de la Maestranza also opt for the replacement of titles from previous seasons. Four operas are programmed in a season that begins 25 October with "Aida" by Giuseppe Verdi. In a production of the Liceu de Barcelona in co-production with. . . . .multimedia / text complete

After a season 2012-2013 at a high level, Valencia Palau de Les Arts Reina Sofia continues this season by paying tribute to Verdi and Wagner. The cut for this season and the threat of a new ERE for your personal, have not prevented the programming of a promising. . . . .multimedia / text complete

Lova Royal Theatre project

Reflect, create, teamwork, overcome fears, or conflict resolution can be much easier and enjoyable if each student in a school group is vested with a unique and indispensable role to create an original opera. These are the objectives of the project "Opera, learning a vehicle " (BED),. . . . .multimedia / text complete

servant Mistress

The Royal Theatre, true to its educational project, representa día en estos on Sala Gayarre La Serva Padrona de Giovanni Battista Pergolesi (1710-1736). Opera for children from 7 years, libretto by Gennaro Antonio Federico and low production company Etcetera. Some beautiful puppets directed by Enrique. . . . .multimedia / text complete

Cecilia Bartoli Mission

When the Italian mezzosoprano Cecilia Bartoli diving in archives and libraries looking for information for their work "Opera Prohibita", They were discovered several musical-ments made. One of the most caught his attention, for its musical quality and the mystery that enveloped, it was about the Italian composer. . . . .multimedia / text complete

Season 12-13

The opera season that starts from this September with some trepidation does. The VAT increase that affects especially all kinds of shows, the threat of strike by workers of some theaters, They are just some of the. . . . .multimedia / text complete

To celebrate the International Day of Music, There are events that begin to be institutionalized. One of them is, definitely, the opera at the Temple of Debod of Madrid, organized by the Municipal Board of Moncloa-Aravaca. Rigoletto, in Verdi, Opera has been chosen for this occasion. The egyptian temple. . . . .text complete

Season 11-12

Fear cuts planned across the native landscape, and we know that, when the scissors appear, culture and, especially, classical music and opera are the first victims of the lack of financial means. In some cases the cuts are brash and without the bulk. . . . .multimedia / text complete

Emotions and music

The sensations and feelings that makes us music, have attracted the attention of scientists and researchers and have been studied. One of the most interesting recent studies on this subject, It is carried out by Dr. Sadrine Vieillard in the Neuropsychology Laboratory of. . . . .multimedia / text complete

summer festivals

While in the main theaters opera seasons end, at other festivals beginning give classical music and opera summer. More and more cities are striving to offer more or less attractive programming. To the already traditional festivals, new ones are added that allow planning some. . . . .multimedia / text complete

World Classical and opera

One of the reasons that characterize a developed society is, among other, the importance and presence in it have different artistic and cultural expressions. Among these forms of expression, National University of Distance Education, through the Professor of Greek Philology José María Lucas. . . . .multimedia / text complete

High school 2010-2011

If a substantial budget cuts is noticed in most of the programming for next season, You can not say the same of the Teatro del Liceu. One can say that the season 2010-2011 He will throw the house through the window. The season begins on September 4 with. . . . .text complete

Real 2010-2011

fourteen operas (two of them in concert version), five recitals, four concerts and three ballet, They will star in the Temparada 2010-2011 The Royal Theatre. Some semantic changes, great voices cycle is now called great singers, and opera citizen which includes morning and symphonic family. . . . .text complete

Lang Lang

Shy, in jeans and a scarf around his neck, Lang Lang awaits us in the Main Hall Auditorium Madrid. His features seem less years than have (few anyway). It does not seem tired despite a somewhat bumpy ride storm. Serene but full. . . . .multimedia / text complete


He 28 September Loulou opens the season 09/10 The Royal Theatre. This year, dedicated to women. This is a new production of Teatro Real in collaboration with the Royal Opera Covent Garden Hause and Londre, It will be directed for the first time at the Teatro Real by the maestro. . . . .multimedia / text complete

Mozart scores

Last 2 August 2009, Y 240 years after being made, Austrian pianist Florian Birsak played, first enpúblico, and in the original composer Piano Forte, in his family home, two unpublished works by Mozart presented the Mozarterum International Foundation in Salzburg. From. . . . .text complete

Real 2009-2010

The season will consist of a wide range with outstanding: Opera, ballet, the series dedicated to great voices, educational projects and youth program, concerts in Sala Gallarre, Chamber Sundays, they have had this season with a remarkable success, film and opera.. . . . .multimedia / text complete

Mozart Chopin

¿Sorbet sonata or symphony cake in C minor? A bittersweet dessert that would created by a pastry chef of the new wave- But it is not some whim or fantasy, but the experience of a young woman 27 years. Dedicated to music, has a talent. . . . .multimedia / text complete


Recently, Peter Gelb, the CEO of the Metropolitan Opera House has issued a statement announcing his intention to represent the (times) Donizetti's Tudor Trilogy call from 2011. this theater, perhaps the most prestigious in the world, has only represented in its entire history seven. . . . .multimedia / text complete

Monteverdi's Orfeo

Like almost all the cultural expressions, Opera has come a long way during its more than four hundred years of existence. Health with which the opera has been presented in the XXI century is, among other causes, for its capacity for permanent transformation even being the. . . . .multimedia / text complete

Carmen in Japan

The strength of the chords of the overture fills the New National Theatre Tokyo (NNTT), crowded on the second day of presentation of the ballet Carmen”, de Ishii Jun. The cigar and swirling bullfighters in front of the bullring in Seville. Carmen emerges from the shadows. . . . .multimedia / text complete

Glenn Gould

Glenn Gould, born 25 September 1932 Toronto (Canada), He belonged to a Presbyterian family of Scottish descent. In fact, its name in the ancient Scottish spelling was spelled Greig”, and Norwegian “Grieg”, like the famous composer with whom, by the way, he was related on the maternal side.. . . . .multimedia / text complete

Women and music

As in other areas of life, also in the music world women have remained in the background throughout history. But this does not mean they were entirely outside. The data we have on the relationship of women with. . . . .multimedia / text complete

Concertos for the left hand

When, in 1808, Napoleon Bonaparte, after invading the ancient kingdom of Westphalia, He ordered that the principle of equality before the law applies, all Jewish citizens were forced to take a surname. The businessman Moses Meyer Wittgenstein then adopted the surname, name of the former german county the. . . . .multimedia / text complete


The magic of Callas is a quality that few artists have, something special, different. There are many very good artists, but very few that have this sixth sense, the extraordinary quality. It is something that rises from the earth and transforms them into demigods. Callas had it. When Maria. . . . .multimedia / text complete